How to use Smango

Sign up/create an account

how to create a Smango account:
download the Smango app from the App Store or google play. Click the sign up button and put in your information: full name, username , email , password, date of birth. Make sure to read our privacy policy and terms of service.

How to update my Smango account information:
on the Smango app click on the settings icon, followed by account settings , and then edit profile. You will be able to change your name, user name, date of birth, password, add or change your profile picture , add a mobile number to sync your contacts.

Can’t sign up for a Smango account because my email is taking :
if you signed up for an account but can’t seem to remember your password, you can click the “forgot password” link and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Navigating Smango

After you have created an account and signed into the app, you start at the recent chat layout were you would see your previous conversations, if you had any.

There’s a search bar near the top which you can use to search for new friends to add.

The button beside the search bar opens up the new add requests and current friend list.

The settings icon opens the settings activity which allows you to access all the settings for the app.

Add friends

To add a friend click on the search bar on the recent chat layout, and search for the person you would like to add.

Once you have seen the person click the add button, and the person will get an add request.

You can’t chat with a user that’s not on your friends list.

To sync your contacts add your mobile number to the app. Add your number by going to settings, account settings, followed by edit profile.

Managing friends

Accepting add requests:
To approve an add request click on the add button beside the users name that sent the request. 

Reject add requests:
To reject an add request, click on the delete button beside the add button.

Delete user: 
To delete someone from your friend list, swipe left on the person's name and click the delete button that appears.


How to send a message:
To begin messaging, click on a user from your friends list and the chat activity will open. The chat activity takes place on the camera background of your smartphone and will require permission to use your phone camera. Type on the keyboard and click the send button to send a message.

How to send an animation:
Click the yellow smiley face to open the animated emoji layout, and tap and emoji to send. Certain words also trigger animations which creates a fun and spontaneous experience for users in real time. 

How to delete previous conversations:
To delete a previous chat conversation , swipe left on previous conversations that appear on the layout with the search bar and click the delete button that appears.